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How to Wash and Care for Seamless Underwear

Seamless underwear for women and girls is the perfect solution to discomfort and panty lines. Breathable, laser-cut fabric not only prevents panty lines, but also allows skin to breathe while wicking away moisture. This is why seamless underwear is ideal for athletic activities and even loungewear.

Let’s say your daughter is wearing seamless underwear primarily for high-intensity activities. Running, sports, and dance are all prime examples of when she can wear seamless underwear—the lack of bulging seams is perfect underneath tights or leotards, or any other form-fitting activewear. She wants to focus on her activity, not on a wardrobe malfunction. How can you wash and care for seamless underwear so that it lasts longer?

What Is Seamless Underwear?

Seamless underwear is a type of undergarment that is manufactured with breathable, stretchy materials (typically a blend of cotton and a synthetic fabric, such a nylon or lycra) and cut with laser technology rather than binding separate pieces with sewn threads. This allows for the fabric to sit flush against the skin, looking smooth and undetectable underneath form-fitting clothing.

Seamless underwear can come in many colors and styles, and is offered in boyshorts, thongs, full-coverage bikini styles, and more.

Benefits of Caring for Seamless Underwear

It’s generally not recommended to put delicates in the dryer along with sweatshirts or jeans (or any other heavy-duty or more durable items) because the high heat settings can wear out the fabric. For example, we wash and dry our bras separately from towels in order to improve the fabric’s elasticity and longevity; the same applies to seamless underwear.

When you are careful in how you care for seamless underwear, it lasts longer and maintains its high-quality for longer. This improves the experience of wearing them and saves you money. If your daughter’s underwear wears out faster, you’ll need to replace them more often. When they’re well-cared for, you don’t need to invest in replacements as frequently.

How to Wash Seamless Underwear

We call our undergarments “delicates” for a reason! Below, we’ll detail the best way to wash and care for seamless underwear.

Step One: Separate Them From Normal Laundry

Most of us just toss our undies in with our usual laundry, maybe separating by color first, but with everything going in together. However, experts recommend against tossing underwear into the washing machine. The reason: washing machines can be too harsh and buttons or zippers from other items can damage the underwear during the wash.

Washing machines tend to cause rips and fades in fabrics. Underwear can also get twisted around paddles or agitator, causing the elasticity to wear and stretch. Dryers can have the same effect, which is why we recommend not using your washer or dryer for cleaning underwear.

Step Two: Embrace the Cold

Seamless underwear, no matter the fabric, benefits from hand-washing in cold water. Does your washing machine have an option called “hand wash” or “delicates?” Remember, the washing machine has a middle component (the paddles and agitator) that underwear can still get twisted around or caught up in during a wash. This will still wear out the underwear and damage it, even during a less intense wash cycle.

Step Three: Use Delicates Detergent

Look for labels that read “gentle” or “delicate” on the label, as those detergents are formulated without bleach, phosphates, or other enzymes that break down certain fabrics. Add the detergent to your sink basin filled with water, and gently rub the soapy, cold water on the undergarments you want to wash. Avoid pulling or wringing the fabric–the goal is to remove dirt, oil, and build-up without straining the fabric.

Step Four: Hang Dry

When you’re finished rinsing the detergent out from the underwear, gently scrunch them (again, avoid wringing or rough stretching) to remove excess water. Lay the underwear flat on a drying rack or hang them up on a clothesline. This helps them retain their shape and is also a greener option for drying.

Final Thoughts

If you’re really pressed for time and can’t handwash, we recommend investing in a lingerie bag. These are simple mesh bags you can throw bras and panties in so you can toss them in with your usual laundry. The bag prevents any intimates from being thrown around and wrestled with other clothes, protecting their shape and elasticity.

Remember, always use cold water on undies and let them air-dry. That way, your daughter’s favorite pair will last longer!