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Seamless Panties Vs. Thongs

You should never underestimate what a good pair of underwear can do for a young lady. It will let her move comfortably and freely, boosting her confidence and enabling her to explore without fear. 

One of the best undergarments you can get your daughter isseamless underwear for girls; these feel like a second skin, allowing your girl to feel naturally empowered in her body. But how does seamless underwear compare to thongs, another liberating type of panties? In terms of fashion, comfort, and practicality, seamless underwear–especially Yellowberry’s Scout and Twistr varieties–is the ideal choice for your growing child.

What Are Seamless Panties?

Seamless panties are a type of underwear that is free of any visible stitching. Instead of bands and garters to keep them in place, the material of the garment itself is made out of elastic material (typically spandex, plus a mix of other fabrics such as cotton yarn), allowing them to hug the body and feel like a second skin.

Seamless panties are breathable and quick-drying, making them an excellent choice for girls who do a lot of physical activities or just want to move more freely in general, as well as those with sensitive skin. They’re also ideal for young ladies who are conscious about their panty lines showing; seamless underwear isn’t obvious under clothing, and will allow your daughter to step out in body-hugging clothes, like yoga gear, without worrying about how she looks!

When it comes tobrands of seamless underwear, Yellowberry is one of the best, offering high-quality garments for the most amazing girls.

What Are Thongs?

Thongs are a type of underwear that’s made of a larger front and smaller back triangle connected by either a wide or thin band. They offer little to no cheek coverage, making them popular with women that want coverage and protection in their intimate areas without the garment showing through.

Many people think that thongs only come in sexy and lacy materials, but there are a variety of styles in different fabrics and colors that are suitable for everyday wear, as well. You can find thongs made of cotton or microfiber for more breathability.

Seamless Underwear Versus Thongs: Which Is Better?

Both seamless underwear and thongs are fashionable, comfortable, and practical in their own way. But which is better for your daughter? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each:


Seamless underwear and thongs are preferred by many women because they do a great job of hiding any visible panty lines under your clothing. Both also come in a wide variety of styles and fabrics, making them versatile for any occasion. Seamless underwear, however, might come out as more appropriate for your young daughter, with more fun and wholesome designs for them to choose from.


Do thongs orseamless underwear ride up? If you’ve got the wrong pair, yes. But the fit of thongs can become even more uncomfortable as their thin strap at the back puts your child more at risk of getting a wedgie. A good pair of seamless underwear acts just like regular underwear; they’re just as comfortable and breathable, plus they provide more coverage than thongs, so your daughter may feel more at ease wearing them.


In terms of practicality, seamless underwear trumps thongs as the better choice, especially for your daughter. They are more modest and versatile and can give her what she needs as an undergarment while still offering opportunities for expression through a variety of appropriate colors and styles.

Get the Best Seamless Panties From Yellowberry

Yellowberry promises high-quality seamless panties that will give your daughter the confidence boost she needs to feel extra comfortable in her own skin! The Scout and Twist undies are soft, breathable, and quick-drying, providing all-day comfort that will keep your daughter going from day to night. Buy her a pair—or a set of six—today!