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Seek and find a hug when you need one.

Scars are Beautiful.

Ready for an incredible story? We were so inspired by Ariella’s that we wanted to share:

“5 years ago I had my entire spine reconstructed and I could not be more proud of how far I’ve come and what I’ve survived through. I recovered from a 14-vertebrae spinal fusion, dealt with bullying about it from classmates, learned to accept that I would never be able to move in certain ways again, gained another inch over night (🙄), suffered through back spasms that debilitated me for days at a time, learned to completely retrain my back muscles, and accepted that I will never be able to bend backwards, twist to see who was talking to me, or lie comfortably on my stomach again. But hey! Since my surgery I’ve challenged myself daily. I’ve competed at a state dance competition, skied, skateboarded, surfed, swam, skated, etc. And now I rock a scar that tells a story I could not be more proud of. 5 years is a major accomplishment to me. Thank you forever, Dr. Skaggs, for saving my life. 🤘”

We are so proud of you, and the amazing progress you made! Cannot wait to see what’s next 💪💫

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