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Prevent Rolling Down With High-Waisted Seamless Underwear: A Simple Guide

With high-waisted jeans and shorts staying in style, it’s no surprise your preteen loves them. But what happens when she complains about the waistband rolling down? She may feel inhibited, uncomfortable, and embarrassed. Nobody wants to miss out on fun because they need to go to the restroom to readjust their undies. In this article, we’ll explore why her underwear could be rolling down, and how to prevent it from happening!

Reasons Her Underwear Is Rolling Down

There are a few key reasons why her high-waisted seamless underwear is rolling down, and the reasons aren’t too different from why any other type of underwear might roll! Waistband rolling in underwear is normal for undies with worn-out elastic, or for panties that are too big or too small.

Size Matters

Consider a pair of jeans that is too tight or too small. You’d think the pressure would keep it tighter to your body, but that’s not the case. When you sit down in a pair of too-tight jeans, the waist slides down and exposes areas you want covered. Undies are the same way.

Other factors regarding sizing can impact her comfort. If your daughter has curves, sometimes, these curves can make underwear roll over onto itself. This causes the waistband to fold down and roll. Underwear that is too big can sag, bunch, and roll, as well.

Wear and Tear

Over time, the elastic material in seamless underwear can wear out, just like any other type of underwear. As it stretches out, it can cause the panties to slip and roll, causing discomfort and awkward situations.

How to Keep Your Underwear From Rolling Down

Seamless underwear is perfect for special events and even sports activities–but when they don’t fit in a way that empowers your tween, it’s time to look at your options.

Replace Worn-Out Undies

Your tween is going through several growth spurts the next several years, so you need to stay on top of her wardrobe. Say “goodbye” to undies that are clearly worn-out–look for stretched-out elastic, fabric that is breaking down, or spots that are becoming faded. It’s time to toss those undies.

Check the Size

As we mentioned before, undies that are too big and too small can cause the waist of seamless underwear to roll down. Before you purchase new underwear, take out your measuring tape and check that you’re purchasing the correct size for your daughter’s growing body.

At Yellowberry, we offer a comprehensive underwear size guide geared specifically for young women. Measure her hips and use our conversion chart to ensure you purchase the correct size.

Fashion Tape Is Your Friend

While this isn’t a long-term solution, sometimes, your daughter is in a pinch and you need a quick-fix answer. If she’s in a situation where she still needs to wear seamless underwear, using fashion tape can help keep her undies where they need to be. For example, if she’s at an event where she wears seamless underwear under a tight dress, fashion tape can help.

Fashion tape is a double-sided tape that can safely be applied to skin. Place a piece where you want the underwear to be secured on the skin, and press down the fabric onto it. We recommend selecting a brand that is sweat-proof.

We will add that this is not ideal for recreational or high-impact activity, but is perfectly suitable for nice events.

In Closing

If your daughter is complaining about her undies rolling down, there is likely an issue with the sizing or the elastic is stretched out. For a quick fix, use fashion tape to secure the fabric to her body comfortably. Replace worn-out underwear regularly and be sure to purchase underwear in the correct size.

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