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How To Wear a Camisole Under a Shirt? Expert Styling Tips

camisole is a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. It’s a versatile piece, one that works either as innerwear or outerwear. For many young ladies, especially those who aren’t quite ready to transition into wearing a bra just yet, it starts as an undergarment that’s worn under a shirt for extra padding and coverage. 

Wearinggirls’ camisoles under another piece of clothing is as simple as throwing on a tee over an undergarment, but you can teach your daughter some style tips to help her feel even better about her outfits. At the end of the day, it all comes down to finding the right camisole and shirt pairing so that her cami provides support while staying discreet. In this guide, we’ll share some expert styling advice on wearing a camisole under a shirt.

Why Wear a Camisole Under a Shirt

Camisoles were traditionally designed to be undergarments to be worn as an extra layer between a bra and a top or dress. This is the main difference between a cami and a tank top as the latter is usually only worn as outerwear. 

Here are some reasons why people continue to wear camisoles as innerwear:

For Better Shape

Camisoles can enhance the shape of a girl’s body, hugging it at the right places and smoothening off any rough edges. They’re great to use even with form-fitting tops.

To Keep Warm

On in-between days when it’s not cold enough to wear a sweater but it’s still a bit chilly, your daughter can wear a camisole under her t-shirt to keep warm.

For Extra Support

Before a girl transitions into her first bra, she might be a bit more comfortable with a camisole first. It will feel familiar while giving her the coverage she needs for her growing upper body. Camis can also provide extra support for bustier young ladies when worn on top of their bras.

For Comfort

Some camisoles, like Yellowberry’s girls’ camis, feel like a second skin, and they do a good job of making any outfit feel extra comfortable. Your daughter can also wear her cami for athleisure or even as pajamas!

For Added Style

Camisoles have transitioned from being an undergarment to a style piece. Your daughter can wear them under a sheer shirt for added style, or let them shine on their own!

Tips for Wearing a Camisole Under a Shirt

Pulling off a camisole under a shirt boils down to getting the right camisole and shirt. Here are some styling tips you can give your daughter for wearing a camisole under a shirt:

Choose an Appropriate Camisole

She should opt for a seamless camisole that’s not too loose nor too tight so that it looks appealing under a form-fitting t-shirt. A loose cami will make the outfit seem bulkier than it is, while a tight camisole may ride up.

If your daughter is wearing a sheer top, make sure that her camisole is nude-colored and doesn’t clash with the shirt. Avoid matching colors and don’t let your daughter wear a brightly colored cami with a white shirt.

Pick the Right Shirt

Not all tops look good with a camisole underneath, so you should help your daughter choose the right shirt to pair her innerwear with. Steer clear of shirts and blouses that are designed in a way that won’t pair well with camis.

If your daughter wants to wear a camisole under a shorter top, you may want to find one for her that matches the color of the shirt. The best shirts to wear over camisoles are loose t-shirts and blouses!

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