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How to Prevent Bra Straps From Digging Into Shoulders: Solutions That Work!

The irritation and soreness of bra straps rubbing your shoulders may be familiar, but there are several solutions that will avoid discomfort, a particularly important factor when choosingbras for small chestsfor your daughter.

Younger skin is super-sensitive, and while every woman knows how painful abrasive bra straps can be, it’s essential that teens with developing chests have properly fitting underwear designed for their bodies. Today, we’ll explain some of the primary reasons bra straps can create tender spots on shoulders–and how to avoid unnecessary shoulder pain.

Finding a Well-Fitting Bra for Teens

First, let’s clarify that pain and skin irritation arenot part and parcel of wearing a bra, nor should you accept that a bra might leave your daughter’s shoulders red, indented, and painful after a busy day.

Underwear made from high-performance fabrics and engineered with attention to detail demonstrates thebenefits of wearing organic cotton bras. They will fit perfectly, provide excellent support, and boost confidence without tightening the straps to the point where they cut into the skin.

While shoulder pain is commonly associated with larger chest sizes, we often hear from Moms concerned that their teen is experiencing skin issues, including blisters and lacerations where rigid straps abrade.

Run through our troubleshooting steps below to diagnose and address the problem!

1. Check the Fabrics Used in the Bra

Yellowberry specializes in stylish, comfy, and whisper-light bras for teens and tweens, and we know a thing or two about the importance of fabric selection when designing a bra for younger girls and those with developing chests.

The first thing to look for is a fabric blend that incorporates stretch and support with a broad range of sizes to help you pick an accurate size–the Lily Bra is made with a smart nylon and spandex blend that provides anti-wicking, antimicrobial performance to keep skin dry and calm.

Our best-selling Butter Bra is another amazing option, with an extra-soft fabric and synthetic spandex blend that offers superior support for more developed girls without the rigid designs so often found in underwired or padded bras.

2. Look for Adjustable Straps

The straps are there to keep the underwear in place; they are not the supportive feature of a bra, and the band underneath should be the primary source of support.

However, some teens with broader shoulders or longer torsos may be reluctant to size up yet feel uncomfortable wearing straps that sit directly on their shoulders. An adjustable bra is an easy fix, with styles such as the Wish Bra adjusting to a racerback style.

3. Opt for a Seamless Bra

Finally, it’s worth stressing that some girls have hyper-sensitive or irritable skin, often associated with allergies and other sensitives, and it could be that an amazing bra simply isn’t compatible with your daughter’s needs.

In this case, we'd recommend a seamless bra without any stitching, labels, or features that can rub the most vulnerable skin–our Poppy and Chickadee seamless bras are a fantastic choice, with extra support, adjustable straps, and a quick-dry fabric to keep delicate skin soothed and content.