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How to Dry Bras Without Damaging Them: Expert Tips and Advice

Washing and drying your delicates can feel like a time-consuming process, and everyone has different products and ideas about the best way to do it. Should youhandwash bras for best results, or use a delicates bag in your washing machine? What is the best way to drybras for flat chests?

When a task or project feels overwhelming, we often want to avoid doing it. However, when you and your daughter delay washing and drying your bras, you may encounter some health risks. Sweat, skin cells, and sebum (skin oils) build up and create a residue on the bra fabric, which could lead to breakouts and rashes on your skin.

In this guide, we will break down the best way to dry your bras while maintaining their shape and structure. It’s actually the easiest part of caring for your bras and ensuring that they last a long time.

The Must Dos of Drying

There are several ways to dry your bras safely without damaging them. It is typically a two-step process, with the second step requiring virtually no effort on your end.

Remove Excess Water

Once you finish handwashing your bra, you’ll notice it holds a great deal of water. We need to remove this excess water so the bra can dry faster and avoid mold growth in the fabric or padding.

We recommend using two towels and gently pressing the bra between them. Repeat as necessary until your bra is damp, but not heavy with water. Another option is to gently scrunch the bra to get the excess water out.

Hang Dry Your Bras

This method works if you have a drying rack or a clothesline. Set up your rack or clothesline in an open area, preferably with natural light. Use clips to secure the top of the cup to the rack or clothesline. Let there be space between each bra so air and light can get between them. If you do not have clips, you can hang the bra by its center gore to protect the straps.

Lay Them Flat

Another way to preserve your bra’s shape is to lay it flat on a drying rack. Place the rack in an open area with natural light, and set the bras flat on the rack. If the bras still feel wet but you don’t feel comfortable pressing them between the towels again or scrunching them, you can place a dry towel between the bra and the rack.

Let the Drying Begin

Now, you can walk away! Time and sunlight will take over from here. It can take anywhere between twenty-four to forty-eight hours for bras to completely dry. You want to make sure they are totally dry before you place them in your dresser drawers. If the bras still hold moisture, tucking them into a dark, enclosed space can make them a breeding ground for mold and other bacteria.

If your bras are drying in a dark basement or a cold/damp space, they will take longer to dry. If they are in a warm, open space with a breeze or plenty of natural light, they will dry faster.

As you wait for your bras to dry, consider thebenefits of rotating bras. Because bras take so long to dry, you want to make sure you have a backup for the day or two it will take for your other garments to dry.

The Don’ts of Drying

Here are some quick tips on what to avoid when drying your bras:

  • Using a tumble dryer: Machine tumble drying can cause damaging friction, twisting, and tangling of the bra that will wear out the elastic faster.
  • Go heavy with the heat: While you do want natural light on your bras, direct or intense sunlight can wear out the fabric, its color, and cute designs. Dryers, even at their lowest settings, are too hot for delicate bras and can cause the material to expand and shrink at different rates, resulting in damage.
  • Wring out the water: When removing excess water, don’t stretch or aggressively wring out the water. As we’ve mentioned before, this stress can cause damage to the elasticity of the bra.

Bloom With Yellowberry

When in doubt, avoid tumble dryers, stretching or wringing your bras, and give them time to dry naturally. This will prolong your bra’s life and maximize your comfort. 

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