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How Many Pairs of Underwear Should a Girl Own?

Never underestimate what a good pair of underwear can do for your daughter. Panties that hug the body as if it were one’s own skin, like Yellowberry’sseamless underwear, can boost her confidence and raise her self-love. 

Every girl should own around twenty to twenty-five pairs. That might seem absurd, but this is a good number to start with just to be safe as there could be times that she won’t be able to rotate her supply as fast, or she might need extra pairs for long trips. Besides, out of this, she’ll only really have two weeks worth for daily wear; the rest could be for sporty activities, special occasions, and other instances that would need different undies.

How Many Pairs of Underwear Do Girls Usually Own?

On average, girls usually own around twenty pairs of underwear, with some having more than thirty pairs in their drawers. This is a decent amount, given that it covers at least two weeks of daily wear, plus a few more for special occasions and absolute emergencies. 

The number of underwear pairs you should get for your daughter will really depend on several factors, including her lifestyle, her cabinet space, how often laundry is done in your household, and her personal preferences, among others. For example, if she’s the sporty type, you’ll want to get her moisture-wickingseamless underwear that’s breathable to keep her comfortable while she’s active.

Why Should Girls Have So Many Pairs of Underwear?

Your daughter should change her undies every day; she may even need to swap them out after exercise, on a hot day, or simply when she wants to freshen up down there. This is why it’s important for her to have a lot—and then some.

You’ll also want to provide your daughter with a good number of underwear pairs for emergencies, like if something happens and she can’t rotate her pairs quickly, or for travel (doing laundry mid-vacation isn’t always an option). 

How Often Does Underwear Need to Be Replaced?

Just like any piece of clothing, undies go will require regular replacing. Don’t think about reusing underwear too much (or repurposing it bycutting seamless underwear—if it’s the same old pair, it won’t be as good as new!). It’s recommended that you update your daughter’s underwear drawer every six months to a year, but you may need to change it even sooner if you see that she needs new ones.

The fewer pairs of underwear your daughter has, the more often you’ll likely have to update her stock because her pairs on rotation will go through more daily wear and wash cycles, which could accelerate wear and tear. This is why having at least three weeks’ worth of underwear is best; that way, you even have some spares while you’re in the process of updating.

How to Know if You Need to Replace Underwear

You don’t have to wait for your daughter’s underwear’s expiration date to throw them out. Once you start seeing obvious signs of wear and tear, it’s time to give her top drawer a refresh. Some tell-tale signs that point to the need for underwear replacement include:

  • Tears and holes
  • Thin material
  • Overly-stretchy elastic
  • Stretched out fabric
  • Discoloration
  • Weird smell

How to Choose the Best Underwear for Your Daughter

When it’s time to give your daughter fresh sets of undies, it’s important to invest in sturdy and high-quality pairs to keep your girl feeling fresh and comfortable. Here are some tips to help you give your daughter the best underwear:

Mind the Size

Underwear that’s either too tight or too loose will make your daughter feel uncomfortable, so pay close attention to getting her the right size. Check her measurements before you buy to ensure the undies fit properly. Take her size every once in a while, too, to see if she’s grown and would need new pairs to adjust to.

Consider the Material

Cotton is your best bet for everyday undies, but it’s also good to put underwear in other materials, such as seamless underwear, in her rotation for when she needs it for certain events or situations.

Let Her Choose

Remember that your daughter will be the one wearing these undies at the end of the day. Ask her how she feels about her choices and what her preferences are so that she can feel extra good!

Comfy Seamless Underwear From Yellowberry

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