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Casual Hoodie Looks for Girls: Everyday Chic

The hoodie is a try-and-true closest companion. While it’s often the most comfortable option, your daughter may be looking for a fashionable way to incorporate it into her everyday style, such as through a classic look with jeans, a sporty look with leggings, or a layered chick or even vintage vibe.

There are many different styles ofgirls' hoodies, from zip-ups to pullovers, that can give young women endless options for achieving a classy look even while staying comfy.

Making the Most of Your Hoodie

A Classic Look

Your daughter can never go wrong by going back to the basics, and it’s as simple as it sounds. Pairing her favorite hoodie with a pair of jeans is a timeless combination. The cut of the jeans can add flair to the look, while the choice of shoe and jewelry can dress it up or down.

A Sporty Look

For a sportier look, have her match the hoodie to her leggings. Here’s where she gets to play with colors with some mix-and-match action. She can match the color palette of her hoodie for a cohesive style, pattern clash by choosing leggings with bold colors and loud prints, or stick to neutral shades for a more minimalist vibe.

A Vintage Look

Layering hoodies with jackets can also be a great way to mix textures or make everyday outfits pop. A vintage or oversize t-shirt can also be worn as a top layer, creating a fashionable look straight out of a 90s catalog.

A Closet Staple for Years to Come

A major role in the longevity of clothes is how they are cared for. When it comes tohoodie care and maintenance, it’s important to not wash your hoodie after every wear.

For clothing in general, the more you wash and dry it, the more quickly it can fade and the more easily the fabric will break down. Only wash your daughter’s hoodie every five to six wears to extend its life, and when you wash it, turn it inside out and use cold water with mild detergent.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Having clothes that fit correctly makes all the difference in an outfit's look and feel. Just like dresses and jeans, hoodies for different body types fit differently. The best way to ensure a perfect fit is to know your daughter's measurements before looking at sizing charts.

Unisex hoodies are the easiest to find and offer all the basic sizes. There are more slimming cuts that taper in with an elastic waist, offering a closer fit. Other styles fall straight and are often shorter in length. The style and fit that looks best on your daughter will depend on the cut of clothing that’s most flattering to her, and, of course, what she feels best in.

Everyday Looks for Every Girl

For every body shape and outfit, Yellowberry hoodies offer a comfortable, closet staple every girl will love. Having a comfy piece of clothing that lets her be chic while staying comfortable is a must-have for girls of every age!