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Buying Your Daughter's First Bra

What first bra is best for your daughter and with so many to choose from? How are moms and daughters supposed to ever begin to know which will fit and feel just right? 

We are deciphering some of your questions below and we promise to make the “bra shopping online thing” just a little easier.

First question, what bra style does your daughter love?  It’s almost like reading a book.  We as moms always wanted our kids to read and listened as we were told over and over again, “it doesn’t matter what they read, as long as they are loving it and reading!” That goes for bras too! Whatever Yellowberry bra she loves, and is super comfortable and excited to wear will be perfect just for her.  

The most important thing is to ask your daughter which bra style she prefers.  The reality is that any Yellowberry bra will work for a first bra. It’s simple! Here are a few questions that help.

  1. Does your daughter want a pull over the head design or more of a traditional bra with a hook and eye back closure?
  2. Do you want a colorful bra or something with a softer color?

Once you have those questions answered, that’s a great start and really all you need to know. Now, we will try and put bras into a few categories to make the shopping a bit easier.

Pull over most popular cotton bras: Ladybug, Pipit, Willow

Pull over syles with a bit of a sporty feel: Tink, Luna, Aspen

Back closure bra styles: Lily and Joey

Which style is best?  We can tell you after years fitting daughters with many, many styles of bras, it is always best to try a few different styles on the first order.  There is nothing worse than watching your daughter unwrap an adorable Yellowberry bra, and it just doesn’t fit perfectly.  Exchanges are free so the process is an easy one! Order a few!

Don’t want to try more than one bra on a first order? Our Ladybug Bra is our bestseller for a reason. The Ladybug is our exceptional original bra made of the softest, most beautiful quality cotton to ensure all day comfort and complete coverage.  The style is unmatched remains a bestseller for girls and women of all ages.