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Body Confidence and Hoodies: Embracing Style at Every Size

Body confidence can be a complex topic, particularly among young teen and tween girls who are experiencing their bodies changing, growing, and developing. That does not mean, however, that they can’t look and feel their best every day.Helping your daughter to embrace style at every size during her teen and tween years means letting her find a flattering aesthetic and vibe that is totally her, so she feels and looks her best each and every moment.

Giving her this space to make her own fashion decisions will let her confidence soar and ensure that she is confident and happy in her own skin (even in casual clothing, like the best hoodies for tweens).

What Is Body Confidence?

Put simply, ‘body confidence’ refers to the ability to accept and love yourself just as you are without constantly wanting to change or alter the way you look. This can be a challenge. We all have things about our appearance that we wish to change, and this can be particularly tricky for teens and tween girls who are adjusting to body changes. 

Understanding personal style can, however, play a major role in helping boost overall self-confidence and a feeling of attractiveness and value.

How to Boost Body Confidence in Your Daughter

So, how can you support your daughter in being the best version of herself? Here are some great tips to consider:

Help Her Find Her Style

One of the main ways to help your teen or tween feel more confident is to work with her to find her own unique style. At this age, your daughter is still working to discover who she is, what she likes, and how she wants to present herself to the world. Establishing a clear sense of personal style is a key part of this process. 

Help her reflect on aspects of her life such as the music she likes, the colors she enjoys, and the clothing styles she gravitates toward. Look at celebrities and public figures for inspiration. Is there a role model she looks up to, and can you help her emulate this person’s style? By encouraging your daughter to remain true to herself, you can help her build a strong sense of self-worth, which will also increase her confidence.

Focus on Comfort

Comfort is key, so try to help her establish a style that combines fashion and function in every look suitable for various occasions. For example, when choosing girls' hoodies for school wear, opt for a cut, fit, and size that flatters your daughter and helps her feel comfortable by making sure it is neither too large nor too small. 

Feeling comfortable is the key to feeling confident. Avoid clothes that are too small or make your daughter feel exposed when wearing them, and work together to build a flattering, comfortable, and practical wardrobe.

If she asks if a hoodie is a good gift for a friend, you can confidently tell her it is. A Downtown Hoodie from Yellowberry can help your daughter (and her friend) feel stylish and is practical and functional enough to be used for a range of other activities–from running and hiking to skating and painting.

Help Build Interests Outside of Fashion

Fashion is a popular topic among teens and tweens, and daughters will likely pay close attention to trends and styles, fabrics, and changing looks. However, it is important for her to also build and develop interests that are not tied so closely to how she looks to establish a healthy balance in her life. 

Final Thoughts

Helping your daughter build and develop body confidence can be challenging. With these tips, however, you will be ready to help your daughter build a strong sense of body confidence that will benefit her for the rest of her life. Yellowberry’s style staples are here to help–check out our selection of the perfect go-tos for any teen or tween girl today!