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Are Camisoles Still in Style?

Camisoles are an essential piece of clothing that will always be in style. Your daughter can’t go wrong with a simple cami, paired with a nice or fun pair of bottoms! 

Aside from its classic look, agirl’s camisole is a staple because it’s functional. It’s great as added coverage, especially for young girls who aren’t quite ready to transition into wearing bras just yet, and it works either as a breezy top for hot days or as a cool undergarment to pair with a jacket during chillier seasons. 

What Is a Camisole?

A camisole is a sleeveless undergarment worn by women. It features spaghetti straps and can come in a plain or lacy intricate design. It’s often made using cotton, silk, or spandex, and extends to the waist in either a tight or loose fit. Some even come with built-in bras, like Yellowberry’s Shell Camisole.

Camisoles originated in Europe and were primarily used under clothing to support the upper body. Nowadays, however, camis can also be worn on their own!

Is a Camisole Different From a Tank Top?

Camisoles and tank tops are often lumped together, and while they’re similar, they’re not the same. 

What’s the difference between a cami and a tank top? Unlike camisoles, tank tops usually come with thick straps. They’re often used as a top during the summer, as activewear, or as pajamas.

Why Wear Camisoles

Camisoles have a place in every girl’s top drawer because they come with a multitude of benefits! These include:

Extra Coverage

There comes a time when a girl’s chest is developing but she isn’t yet in a state to wear an actual bra. If your daughter is in this stage and you notice her getting conscious about the changes in her body, you may suggest having her wear camisoles for padding.

Seamless Underwear

Unless you’re wearing a seamless bra, your underwear may show lines beneath your clothing. For a smoother look, your daughter can add a camisole on top of her bra to conceal the seams.

Warm Innerwear

Your daughter can wear camisoles under her tops during the cooler season to add a layer of warmth to her outfit. She can even wear it paired with just a jacket!

Smooth Silhouette

Camisoles can help minimize bumps and bulges in the body. Your daughter can wear it for a smoother silhouette, especially at times when she’s wearing tight-fitting clothes.

New Style Opportunities

Camis come in a variety of colors, materials, and designs, and these options present a new opportunity for your daughter to play with her creativity and find her sense of style.

What to Look For in a Camisole

When choosing a camisole, there are three important factors to consider: material, fit, and design. Let’s break down these characteristics to help you pick the right one for your little girl.


Camisoles can be made from different materials, including cotton, silk, satin, nylon, lycra, and spandex. It’s best to choose one that matches the purpose of the top. For example, if you’re looking for an everyday top for your child, cotton will be the most comfortable choice. 

If she wants a cami that she can wear for more special occasions, then you can opt for something made of silk or satin. If she needs a tight-fitting camisole to use as an undergarment, then lycra or spandex works best.


Your daughter’s camisole can either be tight or loose, depending on how she wants it to fit. Make sure to ask her how she’d like the top to feel, then choose the corresponding size.


You can find camisoles in different colors, with some even coming in cute designs. Let your daughter pick the look that she wants for her outfits–if she’s using her cami as an undergarment, pajama, or athletic wear, you can have her mix and match colors!

How to Style a Camisoles

Styling girls’ camisoles is easy because of their simplicity. Their basic design allows them to work with virtually any piece. You can dress them casually with a pair of denim, linen, or cotton bottoms or elevate them with a nice skirt or dressy pants. You can also pair them with athleisure shorts or matching pajama bottoms. 

Find the Best Camisole for Your Daughter From Yellowberry

Yellowberry offers four different camisole options that your daughter will surely love! Choose between the Shell Camisole, which comes with a built-in bra; the Jane Classic Everyday Camisole, which is perfect for daily wear; the Square Top Camisole for Girls for those opting for a different neckline; or the Pearl Camisole with the signature keyhole back. Shop the best camisole for your daughter from Yellowberry today!