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Training Bras Versus Bralettes

The main difference between training bras and bralettes is in their intended purpose. Training bras are designed to provide support for developing breasts and are the first type of bra that most girls are introduced to. Bralettes, on the other hand, are lightweight lingerie that are design for use by both teens and adults.

In a world flooded with information, it can be hard to know how the young people we love are internalizing social media. We especially want our younger sisters and daughters to come out of this media-pressure windstorm feeling empowered and confident in their own skin.

When purchasing undergarments and bras for young ladies, it’s a fine line between what is comfortable and what could push them in a direction they may not be ready for. You don’t want them to feel behind on the times in comparison to their peers, but you also don’t want them to feel uncomfortable.

That’s why it’s important to know thedifferences between training bras and sports bras, andthe difference between a regular bra and a bralette. Sports bras are engineered in numerous ways to support a variety of intense activities while wicking away sweat; they are more structurally focused on breast compression to provide support. A regular bra is designed for low-intensity activity and everyday wear; they are more aesthetically focused than support-focused in most cases. A training bra is a perfect middle ground for support, comfort, and style for young women who have not worn any type of bra before.

What’s the Difference?

It sometimes seems like there are more options, styles, and levels of wearability to women’s undergarments than ever before–this is because there is. With advertisements on every media platform telling young women who they should be and what they should look like, it’s harder than ever for them to listen to their hearts.

It’s important that a girl embarking on womanhood steps into it with knowledge from a trusted source. Who can she trust more than you? You’re always in her corner with advice and the perfect tween drama on Netflix queued up. You want her to feel ready to take on the world and equipped with information, and we’re here to help.

Bralettes Versus Training Bras

Much like the differences between a sports bra and a regular bra, the differences here lie in the structure.

The purpose of a training bra is to prepare tween girls for wearing a bra. It can be a habit that takes time to get comfortable with, and when girls start wearing them as young as ten years old, you want it to be an easy transition. A training bra lacks cups but maintains the structure of a band and straps–this provides a comfortable way to prepare her body for when she transitions to more advanced bras. Training bras provide a layer or two of coverage without padding and are typically made of cotton for comfort.

A bralette is more akin to a lightly-structured piece of lingerie. The fabric is flexible, meaning it could be cotton or lace. In the early 2010s, bralettes were used as a fashion pieces either to be worn as a top alone or exposed underneath another layer of clothing. They rank the lowest in terms of breast support but are a great accessory for your daughter to change up her style while also getting a bit of chest coverage and protection.

What to Choose

While the fashion appeal of a bralette is enticing, it can be an uncomfortable first step into wearing bras. The fabrics can be itchy or catch on jewelry, and offer little support during light activity.

A training bra is ideal for girls who want to feel fashionable but also prioritize growing at their own rates. Yellowberry’s First Bra collection offers a variety of training bras that double as an introduction to both sports bras and regular bras–our mission is to create a space for girls to explore their growth and develop their personal style. As she grows, her bras can adapt to her in style and function.

If a young girl in your life is finally stepping into the world of womanhood, don’t be afraid to be the hand that guides her. Once she feels comfortable and empowered in her own skin, she can light her own way.