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The Differences Between Seamed and Seamless Bras

If you’re considering buyinggirls’ seamless bras for your daughter, you may be wondering why she’d need them in the first place! They’re different from the seamed bras most girls are used to, and she might find that she likes the seamless bras better.

Today, we’ll explore the difference between seamed and seamless bras. In fact, we believe seamless bras are the best choice for growing bodies to feel comfortable and confident.

Which Is More Supportive?

Because they don’t have wires, are seamless bras supportive? They still provide support, but they’re still better suited for smaller chests. This makes them perfect for girls ages eight to fifteen, who may still be developing.

Consider Durability

Just like with any delicate garment, you’ll need to learn how to wash seamless bras to prevent them from wearing out. Hand wash them whenever possible, but if you can’t, use the ‘delicates; setting on your machine. You should also place them in lingerie bags and lay them flat to dry. Taking all of these steps will keep the fabric from stretching too much.

Keep in mind that traditional bras also require the same methods of wash, so there really isn’t a major difference here!


Seamed bras tend to show through t-shirts, camisoles, and other form-fitting clothing due to their bulky seams. On the other hand, seamless bras create smooth lines that won’t show underneath clothing. This makes them perfect for everyday wear.

Options for Styling  

You may notice that seamless bras tend to not have many designs on them; they’re also not lacy most of the time. You’ll find both of these options on seamed bras, though.

Seamless bras are better for girls who want to keep things simple, especially because patterns and lace can show through clothing. They’re also ideal for occasions where she needs her undergarments to be undetectable under clothing.

Sensitive Skin

Seamless bras are better for girls with sensitive skin because there’s nothing to poke or scratch them. Seamed bras tend to be less comfortable–the lace can be itchy, the hooks can scratch your daughter, and the wires can poke her. She won’t have any of those problems with seamless bras.


If you and your daughter aren’t comfortable with lacy, sexy bras just yet, seamless bras are a great option. They’re simple, provide coverage, and they don’t make it obvious that she’s wearing one at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Can My Daughter Wear a Seamless Bra?

In theory, she can wear a seamless bra with anything! It makes the most sense to wear them with t-shirts, camisoles, and anything where you may see the lines of a seamed bra.

Seamless bras are perfect for gym class because they provide coverage during activities without the discomfort of seams and wires. She can also wear them to a slumber party or while lounging around at home!

How Much Do Seamless Bras Cost?

Yellowberry’s Tulip and Sugar seamless bras cost $15.95, and our Poppy style costs $19.95. You can save by buying them in bundles of three. They come in a variety of colors, so choose the ones that work best with your daughter’s style. We recommend buying a nude-colored bra for clothing that’s a bit more see-through.

In Summary

Seamed bras have their place, but seamless bras are often better for preteen and teenage girls. Yellowberry’s bras are designed for developing girls, and each one has thick fabric with full coverage. Visit our shop and get your daughter the perfect seamless bras today!