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Hoodies for Outdoor Activities: Style Meets Function

Girls’ hoodies are an essential wardrobe item.Aside from being style staples, hoodies are versatile garments that your daughter can wear in multiple situations, whether she's lazing on the couch or going on a quick supermarket run with you. Your daughter can even wear her hoodie for outdoor activities–it can have her looking chic while keeping her comfortable and shielding her from the elements.

Is It Okay to Wear Hoodies for Outdoor Activities?

It’s absolutely okay to wear hoodies for outdoor activities. When you’re shopping for her, refer to the brand’s girls’ hoodie sizing guide to find the perfect fit for her–something loose enough to let her move freely but covers her up nicely so she doesn’t need to feel self-conscious.

Buying a quality hoodie for your daughter may also be ideal if you’d like to give her some extra protection from the elements while she’s outdoors. A thick hoodie can keep her warm during cold days, while a lightweight one can protect her skin when the sun’s high in the sky. 

Finding the Right Hoodie for Outdoor Activities

Finding the right hoodie for outdoor activities goes beyond just girls’ hoodie brand recommendations. Here are the factors to consider to get your daughter the best garb for her adventures outside:

Sizing and Fit

The most important factor in finding the right hoodie is getting the proper size and fit. It’s best to take your daughter’s measurements, particularly her chest, waist, and torso, then compare them against the size guide of the hoodie you’re eyeing.

If your kiddo wants her hoodie to fit regularly, you can just match the measurements. But if she’d rather have it tight or oversized, you may want to get a size smaller or larger, respectively. Remember to pay attention to the length of the hoodie and its sleeves, as well.


Hoodies come in different styles–pullovers, zip-ups, cropped, oversized, etc. Your daughter might prefer one over the other for her outdoor activities. Be sure to think about how each style might affect her performance and experience as she moves. 

For example, a zip-up hoodie may be ideal if she’ll need to quickly remove her hoodie at any point of her outdoor activity. Meanwhile, a cropped hoodie might be better if she’s engaging in summer outdoor activities.

Comfort and Breathability

Consider the material used for the hoodie, as this plays a big part in its comfort. Usually, cotton hoodies are the best choice for breathability, but you might want something more lightweight if your daughter prefers something lighter or thinner.

Style Meets Function with Yellowberry’s Downtown Hoodie 

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