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Are Training Bras Supposed to Be Tight?

Training bras should be snug but not tight. You should be able to fit a couple of fingers between your body and the band, but no more than that. 

Getting your daughter her first training bra is a big step, and while it’s definitely exciting, it’s equally nerve-wracking, too. You’re probably riddled with questions like, “Is it better to buy neutral-colored bras?” “How do I measure my daughter’s bra size?” “What’s the difference between a regular bra and a bralette or the  difference between a crop top and training bra?” Don’t worry—those nerves are normal because they stem from your motherly instinct to help your daughter transition into womanhood seamlessly. 

To ensure that she goes home with the perfecttween bras and underwear, you must pay extra attention to the fit–many moms get their daughter’s first bra size wrong. Remember that it shouldn’t be tight; instead, it should be comfortably snug around the torso so that it stays in place no matter how your daughter moves.

How a Training Bra Should Fit

A training bra is much simpler than a regular bra; you probably don’t even have to think about cup sizes just yet. But that doesn’t mean you can just have your daughter throw on whatever style or size she wants and call it a day. A training bra should fit the body properly for it to function well and give your daughter the boost of confidence she needs.

A training bra isn’t supposed to be tight. It should be snug around the torso, following the natural curve of the body. You want it to stay in place, especially after you adjust the straps. It shouldn’t move around when your daughter lifts her arms or twists her body. Most importantly, it should feel comfortable for your daughter.

How to Measure Your Daughter’s Bra Size

Getting a training bra can get awkward for your daughter. If she’s self-conscious or not quite ready to talk about her breasts to others, the thought of having sales attendants prodding her in the store would be a nightmare! You can make this experience a little less embarrassing by accomplishing one important stepbefore you go out and buy training bras: measuring your daughter’s bra size.

Measuring for a training bra is easy as you only really need to get the size of your daughter’s torso–but you can also use this opportunity to teach her about band size and cup size for when she needs to transition into regular bras in the future.

Measuring the Torso

Run a tape measure just below your daughter’s breast, all the way around the rib cage and the back. It should lay flat on the skin; it shouldn’t dig into her skin or sag too loosely.

Measuring for Band Size

Add four to your daughter’s torso size (in inches) and you’ll get her band size. You’ll want it to be an even number, so if you get an odd result, round down or up depending on the fit that she wants (though sizing down is generally recommended). For example, if she measures 27.5 inches around the torso and wants a tighter fit, her band size would be thirty.

Measuring for Cup Size

To measure the cup size, run a tape measure along the fullest part of your daughter’s breast. It’s similar to how you’d do it for the torso, just a few inches upwards. Subtract her torso size from her breast measurement. The difference between the two numbers will get you the cup size:

  • Less than one inch = AA
  • One inch = A
  • Two inches = B
  • Three inches = C
  • Four inches = D
  • Five inches = DD or E

Finding the Best-Fitting Training Bra

Finding the right training bra for your daughter starts with having the correct measurements in mind. Before you go looking at styles and shapes, explain the basics of sizing and fit with your daughter then get her bra size. When she starts fitting options, make sure that she’s comfortable in them.

Now, it’s time to find the best-fitting training bras for your daughter! Check out Yellowberry’s fun, confidence-boosting training bras today.