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Our Berry Mamas asked us to make not only underwear for their daughters but great fitting underwear in multiples.  We’re introducing the Yellowberry Twistr Bundle! The Twistrs are woven with Nilit® yarn, so you know they are fantastic (duh). We have even stitched the Yellowberry mantra, Go Barefoot, on the inside of the waistband. When your daughter wears her Twistrs, she will know that Yellowberry is always supporting her.

  • Specialty fabric is sweat-wicking and breathable to keep you comfortable all day
  • 4-way stretch and seamless construction
  • Added Nilit® Breeze fibers keep you cool and comfortable even in hot weather
  • Added Nilit® Aquarius fibers keep you dry and fresh
  • Machine wash and dry (to make everyone's life easier)
  • Perfect fit. Boom

NILIT® AQUARIUS marks a new generation in yarns. A unique, high-performance yarn able to wick away moisture and designed to keep the wearer feeling dry and comfortable.

Moisture absorbed by fibers makes garments wet, heavy and very uncomfortable to wear. Today’s active lifestyles require garments that can stand up to stress, are easy to maintain and keep the wearer comfortable. NILIT® Aquarius fibers transport moisture away from the skin through the garment and out toward the air. The fibers are extremely well suited to all types of sportswear, activewear and dancewear.

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