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Shell Camisole

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A Built-In Shelf Bra That’s Actually Comfortable! Remember the ones we grew up with that folded over and were really scratchy? No more because your daughter deserves the BEST. This product was created to be incredibly soft, snug, and comfortable all day long.  Cozy, pillow-y soft cotton that fits like a hug!

Great for  girls who are not quite ready for a bra but would like a layer underneath a cozy tank top. Additionally, many girls who already wear bras love this cami to wear over a bra as additional support or just to wear on its own on a summer day. It’s a great option at every age and level of development. The Shell Cami is one of the most versatile products that we make!

Fit  This camisole is a crazy comfortable fit. We recommend you size up if you would like a looser top, but it does run true to size. The band is meant to have a snug fit to offer support.

No Padding Needed, Ever! Like every Yellowberry Bra, this camisole is double layered with high-quality fabric to ensure full coverage and support, always.

  • Built-In Shelf Bra
  • Cotton Spandex Fabric Blend
  • Layer over a bra to add extra support + a snug fit
  • Tag-less
  • Machine wash and dry (to make everyone's life easier)
  • One of our special Mantras is printed on the inside too! Megan explains more about them  here.

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Customer Reviews

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Shell Camisole Review

Very comfortable fabric and the organic cotton material was appreciated, but it was a little too short, and the size up’s straps were too long.


My daughter has a sensory issue and hates all restrictive clothing. She said that these were the BEST feeling bra camis that she has ever tried.

Comfy camisole!

My daughter loves this camisole. The triangle straps in the front are a nice touch. Beautiful color (the light blue) and soft too.

Shell Camisole

I thought this fit well. I got my daughter a size small. She is 9 but tall for her age and does not like it when shirts are too short or ride up. Although I would not say it is particularly long, it stays in place pretty well and provides reasonable coverage without hugging her mid area too much.

Thank you

The camisole is high quality, and the sustainable packaging is darling. The inspirational letter, the yellow bow, and the pretty box made this experience a very special and non-intimating one for my daughter. Thank you for being a part of her rite of passage!

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