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Limited Edition Scoop Bra Fuchsia

Size: XS
Color: White & Pink
White & Pink
White only
Introducing our Scoop Bra hand-dyed with all-natural Cochineal and Madder Root. Part of our latest collection of all-natural, hand-dyed products completed in limited batches by Ellen Stryker. Always comfortable and always in style. The Scoop Bra features the most beautiful, flattering neckline in the front as well as the "scoop" back. It's a medium support sports bra for lower impact movement (think hiking, yoga, barre, spinning, biking etc.). This design continues to surprise us all because as soon as you put it on, you can't help but absolutely LOVE the way it fits your body, supports your chest, and makes you feel confident! The Scoop style is by far as cute as it is functional.
  • Every Yellowberry bra is built with strong, breathable fabric that provides complete coverage - meaning no padding needed, ever.
  • Synthetic spandex blend
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Hidden seams make it as close as possible to invisible under clothing

Madder root -orange.Rubia cordifolia.Playfully hand-dyed with Indian madder root. Madder grows wild throughout India, southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, and Japan. Its roots have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for more than 3000 years, tying into mind-body-spirit wellness. It has also been used in traditional Tibetan medicine to redistribute heat in the body for various blood disorders. Its tones range from oranges and reds, to pinks and browns, depending on the pH balance and temperature of the dye pot.

Cochineal - pink.Dactylopius coccus.This dye is a fun one because it’s extracted from insects. They love to live inside of the prickly pear cactus, native to Mexico and South and Central Americas. Ellen sources her insects from Peru as whole, dried bugs. They yield beautiful fuchsias, purples, and reds, depending on the pH balance of the dye bath.

Care for Cochineal + Madder Root bras: Natural dyes will fade with excessive wash and light exposure, so hand wash when possible, or wash sparingly. Lay flat to dry and store out of direct sunlight.

Ellen Stryker Bischoff is a printmaker based out of Northern Vermont and Western Wyoming. Her largest source of inspiration in life is nature. After graduating college with a degree in Art and Art History, she taught herself how to bridge the gap between her work and the natural world. Dyeing first with indigo, Ellen has now expanded into an entire world of other colors and dyestuff. Natural dyeing has brought so much wonder, excitement, and purpose for Ellen, and you can follow her journey at @stryker_made

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Scoop Bra

My daughter is very happy with it and says it is very comfortable. The best of any she’s tried.

pat o.

My 11 year old loves this bra. She plays Basketball and wants me to order more

Leslie F.

After rejecting a variety of bras (and being resistant to the whole idea in the first place), my tween asked for more of these.

Scoop Bra

My picky 11 year old loves the scoop bra!

Great support and comfortable

This is my second purchase of the Scoop Bra. My daughter loves it. She plays volleyball and this bra provides great support. She says its soft, not itchy and comfortable. She also prefers the higher neck line.