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A Bundle Of Three Ladybug Bras.

The Absolute First Bra: From cute colors to thoughtful packaging, The Ladybug bra is our best seller for a reason. Built and designed with a thicker, double layer cotton, it ensures support and comfort for girls looking for a fun and practical first bra - and for girls that are simply looking to add a simple, well fitted cotton option to their drawer. 

  • Every Yellowberry bra is built with thick fabric that provides complete coverage - meaning no padding needed, ever!
  • Convertible straps for straight or racerback style
  • Machine Washable

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Customer Reviews

Based on 461 reviews
amy hazlewood
Great fit and great product

I have ordered twice now from Yellowberry and will be ordering again soon. I love that their products are a great transition between tween "training bra" that is really more like a sports bra, into a more form fitting and comfortable bra more similar to women's bras.

Great first bra!

The thick fabric of the Ladybug gives perfect coverage without using a cup and it is very comfortable. The bundle is great for my daughter who is very active and needs to have a clean one on hand for back up.

Great for making my girl feel comfortable

I love the Ladybug style for several reasons. It is a sturdy fabric, not a flimsy single layer, that supports my daughter’s modesty (she’s become shy as her body changes). Also the bra is deep enough - cheaper bras have only narrow strips of fabric. My daughter currently has a long body (she’s growing up, not so much out) and the Ladybug actually reaches long enough to comfortable cover her breasts

Jean Baldwin
First Bra

The Ladybug bra was a great first bra!! Fits very well and love the thick material!! Highly Recommend It!!!

Allison Kreps
Thank you!

Perfect bras for an 11yr old! My daughter loves their comfort and feel. The Starter Bundle was an awesome deal!

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