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The bra with a 7,000 person wait list is back in stock!

Drop Dead Confident. A splendid update to the traditional racerback style. We added width on the back panel design to give exceptional support for girls at every stage of development. Made from cozy, pillowy soft cotton that fits like a hug. Extra boost of confidence? Confirmed!

No Padding Needed, Ever! Every Yellowberry Bra is double layered with high-quality fabric to ensure full coverage and support, always.

Perfect For girls who are looking for a fun first bra, someone who wants an everyday cotton style (school, hanging out with friends, etc.), and especially great for anyone extra concerned about coverage. This fabric is your answer!

Different From the Willow and Firefly bras because of the fabric. The Willow and Aspen are both made in cotton, but the Aspen is a thicker material. The Firefly is made in our Innovative Hybrid Material.  More active? Choose the  Firefly . Everyday bra? Willow or  Aspen . Most coverage?  Aspen .

  • Cotton / Spandex fabric blend
  • Adjustable straps
  • Machine wash and dry (to make everyone's life easier)


Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Fantastic First Bra!

Our daughter turned 11 recently and one of her gifts was this bra. I had noticed that she was at a point in her early development where she should wear one. She is very sensitive to how fabric feels and how things fit, so I was really concerned on how to take this step into wearing a snug undergarment! She initially said it felt "tight" near the seam in band, however at second wear no issues. She really likes this style and asked for another one like it. She now asks "where are my bras?" as she wants to wear one every day. Comfortable and right amount of coverage. The special packaging and messaging made her feel proud! She wanted to open it up in front of our family, dad and little sister included.

Her Fave

These bras are extremely comfortable. I cannot stress how the lack of padding helps to not only smooth out the appearance but also we no longer have the task of reuniting the insert with the bra. Freedom! The material is extremely comfortable and my daughter never wants to take them off, even to sleep . Telling all my mom friends!

Easy and comfortable

My 10 year old daughter had been bra phobic. But when I showed her the Yellowberry site she looked through all the user friendly pictures and selected the Aspen. She tried it in as soon as it arrived and now we’re buying more.

Great Bra

My daughter is almost 9, and she loves Yellowberry bras. She loves the feel of this bra, and the sportiness of it. She hates that a lot of shirts are super thin, and loves your bras underneath.

Comfort and protection

My Daughter says she will only wear yellowberry from now on

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