We Are Yellowberry

We were founded by a teen, Megan Grassell, with extraordinary vision and passion to create a bra for her sister and revolutionize the teen undergarment industry in the process.

The way we look at our products is unlike any other bra company.  The difference?  We focus on the girl and what she can do in her Yellowberry, not the way she looks in her Yellowberry.

Rooted in a deep love among sisters, our company is on a mission to change the bra industry for young girls. By designing bras, underwear, loungewear and athletic-inspired apparel, designed and made from the highest quality fabrics, and with built-in benefits that are easy to care for with a lifetime guarantee, we know we can!

We always photograph our products on model from behind because we stand with our community of girls to support them - both literally and figuratively - as they go out to take on the world.  In their Yellowberries, we know they can.

At Yellowberry, we are on a remarkable mission to encourage girls to celebrate and enjoy this time as they are, and not rush through milestones. We support girls through each stage of their journey to become confident and extraordinary young women.

We are a reflection of the community of girls around us. We are relatable, honest and real. We are Yellowberry.

Celebrate your youth.

Enjoy the world around you, without pressure.

Inspire learning and personal growth.

Embrace sisterhood. Sisters are forever friends.

Encourage and ease conversations between moms and daughters.

Motivate girls to believe anything is possible with the right amount of passion and confidence. Go make it happen.



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