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 "Can i just say...'WOW!'  AS the mother of a 12 year old soon to be 13 year old girl, your company and your message is so refreshing.  I, too, recently shared with my daughter the first bra shopping trip to the local mall.  How incredibly sad that was.  The store we ended up purchasing from was not and is not delivering the refreshing message of respecting yourself, your body, your femininity and your youth!  Embrace this time - instead, just the opposite.

I am so excited to have stumble across your company - by chance, really, from a post on social media.

I have requested a catalogue and would be so love to hear more about a trunk show - not that I care about earning products, etc., but to help support the message to our young girls, daughters, sisters, friends, to respect and better to do that to share with friends.




"I cannot tell you how spectacular they were! The beautiful box, beautiful fabric, inspirational tags! You guys are brilliant and have totally nailed every aspect of the delivery! Amazing company...we are telling everyone we know! So, so happy that this was such a positive experience for her...thank you for making that happen!!!! Thank you also for taking the sexism out of bras for girls! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!"


"I love your products! The quality, the fit, the colors, the fun! My daughter (10) got my body type (poor thing) which is very pear-shaped. But finding things that would fit, be comfortable, and give her confidence was a challenge. We've been so happy with the things we've tried (except the girl shorts panties - cool idea, lovely product, not for her shape...)! Her biggest single Christmas present this past year was her Yellowberry wish list. And her little sister (4) is already planning which ones she wants..."


"I just wanted to thank you for how wonderful your company is. We placed our first order back in the beginning of January. The costumer service was amazing - thank you Payson! And the most important thing - my daughter loves her new bras! I came across your company many years before my daughter needed bras and I bookmarked you as someone I would like to buy from. So glad I did! I had recommended you to many friends with daughters before I even bought anything from you and they have all been happy with their experience too! Thank you again for making this transition a lovely one for both my daughter and I!"

Sincere Thanks"


"Received our first order yesterday. My daughter tore into it and immediately went and tried it on. She absolutely loves it. I'm sure the packaging was super cute but all I got to see was the yellow ribbon on the counter because she was so excited!"

"We absolutely LOVE these pants.
These pants are perfect. They are crisp and cool yet also soft. They are SOOOOO well made. Pockets! Adjustable waist! And they look fantastic. We have the shorts as well. They're the kind of pants you could comfortably spend the day in, either just lounging in, or perhaps wearing while brainstorming solutions to world problems. And they're great for sleeping."


"Yellowberry was just in time for my daughter (and 1). She is an amazing young woman, and her spirit just didn't match all of the products out there for girls her age. She LOVES her yellowberry items! Her most recent favorite are the leggings. She loves the comfort of the bras, and the pajama pants are super-comfy.

We are really happy that as she has grown over the past 2 or 3 years, you have more sizes available for her growing body. The new designs are just right. Your products have literally saved us HOURS in a crowded, noisy shopping mall, arguing over look, fit and price!

Last November, Hannah traveled to Jackson Hole, WY all by herself to attend the Teton Science School Young Women & Science workshops. Her dad and I couldn't believe we were putting her on a plane at O'Hare International airport, all by herself, to experience a week in the outdoors in one of the most beautiful places in the world. But, like I said, that's her adventurous and vibrant spirit - so off she went!

Yellowberry matches Hannah's down-to-earth style! Thanks for being just in time!"


"I'm so excited! I have two daughters (age 9 & 13). They are gymnasts and dancers... Which most people would immediately think 'girly girls' who want to act older than necessary. Furthest thing from the truth! They want athletic but cute cuts of swim wear and supportive full coverage bras (13 year old) ... Not flimsy pushy up ones that allow movement or are revealing (especially under leotards). Thank you for this wonderful product! Looking forward to the announcement!"


"I greatly respect, admire and LOVE what you're doing. I am a mother of a 12 year old and a school nurse for boys and girls K-5. I see 4-5th girls grapple daily with the amazing but uncomfortable time of early adolescence and what's happening to their bodies and minds. Your products encompass what we all wish for our girls. Function, comfort, and normalcy. I do believe normalcy of adolescent changes for girls in particular is the next "big thing" in health education and society as a whole. Why such taboo, still? However, the BEST part of YOUR business model is the turning away from the sexualization of girls in your marketing. Kudos to your vision in this aspect on particular. You are a trailblazer, an innovator and protector of our girls and I applaud you."


"Thank you so much. Maura is actually my 10 year old daughter. We recently were on a school field trip to the Alamo, and her class had to walk past a wall of lifesize Victoria's Secret advertisements. For the first time, the girls noticed the ads and were uncomfortable. They asked why there were so many pictures of girls in their underwear. They were squirming, as the boys were giggling. I remembered having heard of your company before, and I like the message you are sending our girls, that their bodies are strong and amazing and meant for more than just eye candy for other people. It is a message I want her to get to counteract the one society sends her. Its really not just about underwear (although your products look great).

I was extremely impressed with your website, and I am excited about your swimsuit line and so glad you are offering up a different kind of first brA shopping experience. We will be ordering soon. Really, truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Thanks and best regards"


"I had to share this story with you, because it’s both amusing and a testament to the quality product that you and the team have put together.

I ordered my 9 ½ year old runner the Tink sports bra in blue jay- while she technically doesn’t need to wear one yet, she likes to have them on under her tank tops. And if she’s running outside in our crazy summer heat, I take comfort knowing that if she needs to peel off a layer, she’ll still be in something that is both appropriate and doesn’t make her feel self-conscious.

She LOVED the packaging. It truly is like opening a happy little gift with that yellow ribbon on the box. And even more importantly, she LOVED the bra- the color, the style, the feel of the fabric. “Oh my gosh!” may have been repeated one or ten times over. The only glitch? The medium I ordered her was WAY too big (mommy fail on my part).

So now we wait for the Tink Blue Jay to become available in an XS for her. Waiting for good things can be so hard sometimes…. ;)

But in the meantime, my husband’s cousin is visiting us. She’s into Yoga and running and cycling. She’s pretty petite, so I offered her the opportunity to try on the sports bra before returning it. It fit, and she has completely fallen in love with it! She is now plotting her very own order. She also mentioned that a friend’s daughter would love your seamless underwear- her friend’s daughter is very sensitive to how fabrics feel on her skin, and shopping for clothing is a major undertaking.

So out of one new customer, you now have two more. Just a reflection that you guys are the real deal. Keep on plugging away, and please release the Tink Blue Jay in XS soon!! Thank you"


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