Fearless Girl

Hey moms! Is your daughter a "Fearless Girl"?  We bet she is! Megan and the entire Yellowberry team are inviting you to share your daughter's favorite "Fearless Girl" Story to for a chance to win a Yellowberry Gift!

So, what's a "Fearless Girl"? She's a girl that is able to overcome challenges using her special gifts, from determination to problem-solving, to overcoming all types of obstacles that might have been in her way. In short, she's a Supergirl that will stop at nothing to get what she wants! 

Why are we doing the Fearless Girl contest? Simple! We're all about helping girls believe in themselves and their incredible and unique gifts, and we want to celebrate girl power! Aside from being an online company that sells bras to tween girls, our mission is to help each and every girl blossom into a strong, confident, empowered, and compassionate young woman. So, we thought we'd celebrate them by highlighting their amazing abilities to overcome any challenge that faces them!

HOW TO ENTER: Just send us your videos or photos, accompanied with a short story about your Fearless Girl to  info@yellowberry.com.  We'll be picking TEN winners that we will highlight and promote on our Facebook and Instagram pages!  There's  no purchase necessary! 

See below for Megan's advice for other Fearless Girls and the challenges she faced while building Yellowberry!


Fearless Girl Contest Winners

1. Congratulations Lex for being Yellowberry's first Fearless Girl winner! Lex has an amazing story and has battled through many obstacles in her life. Read more about Lex's story by clicking here!

2.  Zoie is our second Fearless Girl contest winner! Zoie has a brave heart and suffered with alopecia, causing her to lose most of her beautiful hair. Read more about Zoie's story and how she became a fearless girl by clicking here!


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