Bunk 9's Guide to Growing Up: Secrets, Tips, and Expert Advice on the Good, the Bad, and the Awkward

Filled with facts, tips, advice, and illustrations,   BUNK 9’S GUIDE TO GROWING UP  by Adah Nuchi and Meg Hunt is the girl-powered puberty book you’ll actually want to read. Written in the voices of a group of sixteen-year-old girls at a summer camp, it’s like having your best friend or older sister share everything there is to know about being comfortable in your changing body. From periods, bras, and hormones to nutrition, exercise, and sleep—to crushes, that first kiss, and ALL the feels—it’s the head-to-toe guide to not only surviving puberty but totally, 100% owning it!


The   Bunk 9  narrators form a consciously diverse group. They represent multiple points of view and personality types and let readers know there are a lot of different ways to experience growing up, a device that makes each girl who picks up a copy feel comfortable with her unique, changing body. The inviting, body-positive tone coupled with the cheerful, friendly package results in  a book girls  will find as fun as it is informative. 

Chapters include:

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