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Sky Bra

Size Guide
Cotton Hybrid Size Chart
Color: Doe
Size: XS

Built with our pivotal, signature fabric, the Sky bra is modeled directly after our best-selling Luna bra. That makes the Sky Bra our ideal for athletics and everyday classic styling with single straps that won't show at the neck of our t-shirts. As one of our hybrid styles, the Sky is perfect for girls looking for a slightly elevated first bra as well as our older girls looking for a beautifully sewn top drawer basic for all-day comfort and support.

  • Every Yellowberry bra is built with strong, breathable fabric that provides complete coverage - meaning no padding needed, ever.
  • Synthetic spandex blend
  • Our hybrid styles fit slightly tighter - if your daughter is in between sizes, we recommend sizing up for a less snug fit. 
  • Machine wash and dry

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Reluctant Wearer

My daughter prefers very soft, very comfortable clothes. We had tried a few shelf tanks early on that claimed to fit the bill, but they really turned her off so she was adamant that a bra was not in her future. I respected that, but I suspected that middle school gym class might become uncomfortable without one. Yellowberry to the rescue. I put a few selection of bras, including the Sky bra, in her drawer and soon noticed that they were appearing in the laundry on gym days. She absolutely will not wear clothing that isn't comfortable so I know these bras must be great.

Tween a.T.M.
Another winner

We have the Ladybug and Pipit and both are well loved. I thought I would try the Sky for both girls and it's another winner. Washes well and the fabric is super soft. The straps are perfect length and not adjustable so less fixtures to bother my girls. Good for daily wear and sports.

Karen M.
Sporty & Soft

My daughter ordered the Sky as a sport and dance bra. She loves the soft fabric. She finds it’s a snugger fit in the band than the Pipit or Poppy. One downside is that the straps are not adjustable. It is a heavier weight then the others she has so while it provides more support it is thicker and not quite so invisible.