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We Tested These Leggings To Perfection. We tested these with 103 Berry Girls across the country. They climbed mountains, ran around New York City, scrunched the leggings into ski boots, ice skates, and soccer cleats. Wore them to school, slept in them, and stayed at home to netflix all day. We made changes and adjustments at every step to make them the absolute best ones out there. Your feedback and legging “must-haves” were the driving force while we created this legging.

High-Rise Waist. Perfect length to the ankle. Form-fitting that’s snug but not too tight. Fabric is super soft, but the quality of it means it will “wear like iron.”  The high-rise fit that can remain high-waisted or fold over comfortably. 

Make A Set  with the Hula Bra. Say it fast: The Hula Hoop set! Use code HulaHoop at checkout to save $10 when you buy both pieces.

Goodbye, VPL.Try these with our Twistr seamless underwear. No visible panty lines (VPL) ever, we promise.

Great For every Berry girl out there. The Hoop Leggings are completely universal. These are the perfect fit, go-to, leggings your daughter will reach for every day.

  • Nylon / Spandex fabric blend
  • Matte brushed finish for absolute comfort and softness
  • Machine wash and dry (to make everyone’s life easier)

Take Girls Seriously. The fit, fabric, and colors of the Hula Bra and Hoop Legging were driven by 13-year-old Alex as a part of our Take Girls Seriously Campaign. Her feedback, especially in terms of the fit, color, and wear and tear of the fabric, were taken directly back to our designers and factories. Specs were updated based on her guidance (along with yours!) and behold: the set was born.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
So comfortable.

My daughter is hard to fit because she is tall, but very thin. These fit her nicely and comfortably.

Best fitting leggings!

These are my daughter’s favorite choice in leggings. I bought the black and gray for her, and I cannot keep them laundered it seems. They have a nice slightly higher waist band which can be rolled down if you would choose to do so, but my daughter likes hers up – she wears them for dance practice and they stay up – no creeping down. They are very soft and comfortable and go spectacularly well with the matching sports bras! My daughter is 13 years old, 5 foot 5 1/2, and 140 pounds with a very athletic build. The XL fits her perfectly with room to grow.


Daughter loves the high waist! So comfy!

Perfect Fit

Both my daughters love these leggings. The feel of the fabric is wonderful and the fit is perfect. Not skin tight but no sagging or baggy knees. Perfect for workouts or wearing under dresses and skirts as the weather cools.

My daughter's FAVORITE leggings!

My 12-year-old loves to wear leggings, but she gets embarrassed about the VPL. I don't blame her! I hated the fact that others could see an outline of her underwear, so she wore long shirts over her leggings. Well, that wasn't exactly a great solution, because according to my daughter, the long, baggy shirts ruined the look she was going for. Can you imagine how happy we were to see that finally, a company cared enough about girls' body images and sense of comfort to create a legging that doesn't show the panty lines?? It may not sound like such a big deal, but it is! My daughter LOVES wearing these leggings with her tank tops! They also stay put and don't fall between the legs, which can be so annoying! (I'm a yoga pant-wearing mom!) Yellowberry, THANK YOU for continuing to put out products that take our daughters' needs into consideration! Well done!

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Legging Size Guide
Yellowberry Legging Size Chart