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Star Bra

Size Guide
Cotton Hybrid Size Chart
Size: XS
Color: Charcoal
Raindrop Stripe

Five Full Stars. Designed with your active daughter in mind for lots of movement and fun! Made in a super durable, double-layered fabric that gives support and incredible comfort, the Star Bra was created with precision to fit your daughter perfectly. Plus, that stylish back design is a wonderful added bonus, and what makes us love this bra! Final Sale. No returns or exchanges.

No Padding Needed, Ever!  Every Yellowberry Bra is double layered with high-quality fabric to ensure full coverage and support, always.

Great For girls who are active and in need of light to medium support. Anywhere from the first bra wearer to those looking for an exceptional new style. 

  • Polyester / Spandex fabric blend
  • Matte brushed finish for absolute comfort and softness
  • Machine wash and dry

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Judith B.
Everything so pretty.

And the wrapping also. I love your clothing for my teen age granddaughter. The fabrics are so soft, also. Thank you.

Comfortable Bra that runs a bit large

These are very comfortable, but keep in mind that the sizes run large. The material is sturdy yet still soft.

Ann (.j.
Great bra for young teen 14

Great bra with adjustable straps and fits more like a bra than a training bra for girls. My daughter is 14 for reference so not wanting to wear a full on bra yet but training bras don’t fit will now that she has developed


My daughter loves them. She's quite picky when it comes to clothes and material on her skin but these have been super comfortable and don't bother her at all!

Nicole F.
Little Lovely Straps

My little is a bit between sizes on this one but in love with the fabulous straps.