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Pipit Bra Bundle of Three

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Cotton Hybrid Size Chart
Color: Multi
First Flowers
Summer Sky
Size: XS

This bundle contains three Pipit Bras.

The Holy Grail of First Bras. Our Pipit style is beautifully sewn with modern lines for a clean and simple design. This bra is a great choice for girls looking for their first bra, as well as an easy, go-to everyday style. Built with a slightly lighter fabric than our Ladybug bra, the Pipit Bra still offers full coverage and support for your daughter as we continue to call it a forever favorite.

  • Every Yellowberry bra is built with strong, breathable fabric that provides complete coverage - meaning no padding needed, ever.
  • Incredibly soft Pima Cotton, with just a hint of stretch
  • Convertible and adjustable straps
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Plastic Free Packaging!

Customer Reviews

Based on 387 reviews

My daughter has a lot of sensory trouble with clothes, and she told me that these are a lot less itchy than the other bras we've tried. She also says that the bands don't ride up in the back or the front and that makes them way more comfortable. She also says the straps are just right because some of the ones we've tried she says that the straps are rough and saw into her shoulder or they are too thin. These are smoother and just the right width. They've survived through our wash without any changes in fit too. We've had some other ones change in fit and shape after they've gone through the wash. The material is nice and gives much better coverage and there is no itchy embroidery. We're a fan!

Kerry K.
Love these bras

It was all I could do to get my daughter to wear a bra let alone something that actually covers!!! She loves these they see awesome and super comfortable. 😁😁💜💜‼️🙏

Jennifer K.
I don't hear about these bras -- and that's a good thing

Bought these for my 9.5 year old daughter. She asked for more but hasn't said anything else. We wears them everyday and not a peep so I know they are great! She's got a lot of sensory issues, hates tank tops so I thought that bras would be a challenge but they seem to be working. I think they're quite soft, and so far have washed very well.

Margaret S.

My 10 year old was very skeptical about wearing a bra, but she loves how these feel. They are comfortable and natural feeling

Wonderful Bra

I bought the Pipit bra for our 13-year old daughter. It fits her perfectly and she just loves it. Soft material and once it is washed, the quality of these bras is apparent-still soft as ever and keeps its shape. The colors are beautiful as well. I wish I had this bra when I was this age!