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Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. As in, an outstanding first bra option! Sewn with modern lines for a clean and simple design. Luxuriously soft to the touch - what we imagine a nice, puffy cloud would feel like. Feels like summer!

No Padding Needed, Ever! Every Yellowberry Bra is double layered with high-quality fabric to ensure full coverage and support, always.

Perfect For girls who are looking for their first bra in addition to someone who would like a super, super soft everyday style.

Different From the similar   Ladybug Style  because of the thickness and weight of the fabric. The Pipit is made from a lighter Pima Cotton, whereas the Ladybug is in a heavier Cotton. 

  • Incredibly Soft Pima Cotton, just a hint of stretch
  • Pima Cotton / Spandex fabric blend
  • Convertible and adjustable straps
  • Perfect to layer with our new Shell Camisole
  • Machine wash and dry (to make everyone's life easier)

Customer Reviews

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Finally... she's giving it a try!

My 11 year old is very reluctant to wear a bra. About six months ago, I bought the Ladybug and the Pipit to see which one she liked. They are very similar in style, but the Pipit was much softer. I had bought size XS and it was too tight, so I ended up returning them. Since my daughter didn't really "need" a bra and really did not want to wear one, I didn't push it. This time I ordered the Pipit in all three colors. She said the Kit color was the most comfortable, so I exchanged them for two more of the Kit. i have to say the customer service is excellent. She is still reluctant to wear a bra, but yesterday I encouraged her to wear it to school and she did! She didn't even take it off when she got home- so that's a win! I think it is very well made with soft yet supportive fabric. I like the thin adjustable straps and the Kit color disappears under light colored clothing- great for summer. I would have loved this bra when I was 11! My daughter doesn't know how good she has it. Thank you!

A keeper, but more colors please

We tried this and the Ladybug bra. This curves in more under the arm, so my daughter chose this as it didn’t “dig” into her armpits when she moves her arms around (she is narrow shouldered). She wears it without complaining (a big deal for my 10 1/2 year old who doesn’t like scratchy things). Wish they had these when I started wearing one in the early 80’s. PLEASE ADD MORE COLORS...thanks!



Perfect fit amd thickness

This has been a great 1st 'real' bra! Love that it is thick but not padded. Convertible straps are a bonus

Super comfy!

The Pipit is super comfy. It does ride up a little bit when my daughter raises her hand, so keep that in mind. We're definitely going to try a few other styles, as the fabric is wonderful and the coverage is great.

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