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Pipit Bra Bundle of Three

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Color: First Flowers
Summer Sky
First Flowers
Size: XS

This bundle contains three Pipit Bras.

Sewn with modern lines for a clean and simple design, the Pipit makes a great choice for girls looking for their first bra. Built with a slightly lighter fabric than our Ladybug bra, the Pipit makes the perfect addition to your daughters’ drawers. 

  • Every Yellowberry bra is built with strong, breathable fabric that provides complete coverage - meaning no padding needed, ever.
  • Incredibly soft Pima Cotton, with just a hint of stretch
  • Convertible and adjustable straps
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Plastic-Free Packaging!

Customer Reviews

Based on 365 reviews

My daughter loves this style. It is comfortable around the rib cage and the adjustable straps work for her height, which those styles without the adjustments do not.

Karen M.
Soft and Comfortable

I’d say it’s her favorite bra, but I think the poppy wins out. But we have 4 of each style.
She loves the softness of this one and the cut which provides coverage and support, but isn’t too high under the arms or in the front.

Perfect first bra with ample coverage and no padding

I found Yellowberry after being disappointed by the options at the large red retailer with a circular logo. Everything there was either so thin that it gave no coverage or had padding that my 11-yr-old most definitely did NOT need. So I'm thrilled with this Pipit bra because the thick layers in front provide the coverage that a developing girl needs without adding any shape or padding. We bought several Yellowberry first-time bras to try and the Pipit is the favorite.

Courtney U.
Game Changer 💛

I am so happy I stumbled across yellowberry’s site as I searched for a great fabric that is both breathable AND comfortable!

Like many of us, regardless of age, bras are notoriously uncomfortable, sweaty and annoying. For years the very first thing I took off upon arriving home was not my shoes… No! It was my bra! My daughter is the very same way!

But, From the moment she tried on her first Yellowberry bra… She never took it off! She kept it on the entire day, even though we were home & she is only budding at age 10. I said wow, you had that on the entire day? And she replied… “This is the most comfortable piece of fabric I have ever worn!“ I am so pleased! Each stitch is carefully done, so soft, it’s just wonderfully designed & made.

The bras are a little pricey but when you measure that against their durability, their breathability and the fact they are all completely lined so the girls do NOT need padding just so their bras aren’t see through? That’s a game changer and will make you very glad you spent a few dollars more to give your girls the gift of confidence & comfort!

Lastly, I have to comment on their well thought out packaging… This arrived as a gift for my daughter… a Beautiful box with a gorgeous yellow ribbon tied in a bow. My girl felt so special as she carefully untied her gift. Enclosed, wrapped in bright, fun yellow tissue are individual satchels that hold each bra, which gave her another moments pause to delight & remember the beginning of this next chapter in her life. I am so pleased, so grateful to have had that experience with my daughter, one she & I Will both remember. Thank you Yellowberry 💛 Well Done

Great fit and comfortable

This was exactly what we were looking for for a bra for our 10 year old.
The colours were paler than expected, but still nice.