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Built-In Shelf Bra to the Rescue! We made the Shell Cami after listening to your feedback about what your daughter wants. Cozy, pillow-y soft cotton that fits like a hug!

  • Built-In Shelf Bra
  • Cotton Spandex Fabric Blend
  • Layer over a bra to add extra support + a snug fit
  • Tag-less
  • Machine wash and dry (to make everyone's life easier)
  • One of our special Mantras is printed on the inside too! Megan explains more about them  here.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
So soft!

The material is so soft and thick. My daughter loves these shelf camisoles

Perfect layer

My daughter loves this (and has asked for more). In California it’s the perfect layer or even by itself. The fabric is substantial, which makes it work well as a stand-alone shirt.

Perfect for my selective daughter!

The softness and quality of the shell camisole is what makes my daughter willing to wear something for coverage! This is an excellent alternative to the other options and one of the only items out there with the built-in shelf bra! We'll stick with these as long as they fit her.

Thick, quality, well fitting.

Great for my daughter’s modesty with her changing body. Likes them for winter warmth under her clothes, too.


We received this as a gift with purchase. To be honest, the price point seemed high to me for a cami for a pre-teen. Once I saw it on my daughter, though, I was impressed. The quality is outstanding. The fabric is soft and covers well. What really caught my eye is the straps. They are THICK and stretchy. They stayed in place. The width of the straps made the cami look more substantial, not "sexy" like the spaghetti straps we usually see. My daughter loved the cami's shelf. It's a great layer since we live in a region that gets snow on & off all winter. She can wear it under shirts for a layer of warmth, or as a stand-alone layer, yet also wear it alone for those times when they are doing handstands, hula-hooping, and dance marathons in the basement. I'm actually going to suggest she add one of these to her secret santa list we do with family members every year! Well-done, Yellowberry! This is worth the money!

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Cami Size Guide
Yellowberry Cami Size Chart