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YELLOWBERRY NATURALS COLLECTION: We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new Ladybug Organic Bra just in time for Spring! 

FINAL SALE:  This bra may not be returned or exchanged.

COMFORT AND SIGNATURE QUALITY: Our organic cotton with a hint of spandex to ensure fabric recovery is the perfect combination for our ultimate goal, magnificently comfortable for our Berries. The ultimate bra for all-day comfort with a perfect fit with our signature quality.

WHY ORGANIC: Because you asked us of course, and we want to do our part for you and for our planet. Moms and daughters have often requested organic bras, and we have searched and searched for the perfect organic fabric. It took us some time, and we have finally found our secret sauce. We promise it's perfect to m ake your daughter’s bra experience the best it can be. 

LAUNCH:  We are launching the organics in two of our most popular bra styles, the Ladybug and the Budding Berry.  As well, we are introducing our much loved Shell Organic Camisole. Additionally, our Bamboo collection encompasses all three styles and yet another option for our natural fabrics loving girls.

DESIGNED BY MEGAN: Internationally known for starting Yellowberry at 17 years old after a failed bra shopping trip with her younger sister. Megan and her team have now successfully created a brand resonating with girls all over the world and is revolutionizing the industry for girls and tweens. 

NO PADDING NEEDED and complete coverage GUARANTEED.  The weight of our fabric is unmatched in the industry and the construction ensures full coverage and comfort with every wear. Super soft organic cotton (this means it's extra thick to ensure full coverage) with a hint of spandex for a bit of stretch. Beautifully sewn to ensure the perfect fit.  This was our original and a staple in every Berry wardrobe.

THE BRA THAT MADE US FAMOUS:  When looking for your daughter's first bra, you cannot go wrong with a classic and the style that made us famous!


Customer Reviews

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Organic ladybug.

Loved it so much-wish all of them came this way, with more colors too

Soft and comfy

My daughter loves how soft the fabric is! Super comfortable—a perfect first bra.

Amazing as always!

My daughter loves the bras from yellowberry. We will definitely be back for more. Thank you!

Soft, but not as thick as original Ladybug Bra

My daughter is in love with the original non-organic version of the Ladybug Bra. And, while this bra is super soft to the touch, and is beautifully made, it is not quite as thick as the original Ladybug bra. As a mom, I love to buy organic material to have against my children's skin, so I was very excited to see this bra offered. But, the material thickness/coverage was not quite as good as the original, so the organic version is not a favorite of my daughter. Compared to most bras available from other makers, this bra is terrific, but compared to other Yellowberry bras, this isn't the best of them. To the Yellowberry team...I thank you for offering an organic option! And, I am so grateful to have found your company. Overall, your bras are amazing, the details are precious, the packaging makes my daughter feel special!

Sweet starter bra

My girl wanted to get a "training bra", and I wanted it to be organic and comfy. Home run, Yellowberry! The Ladybug fits the bill on both counts. I would love it if it had a little embroidery, or a little ribbon somewhere. But other than that, it is terrific! Thanks! Hopefully in the future you can bring in more organic options so that ladies with a little more on top can enjoy them, too. :)

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