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GREAT Starter Bundle Gimme S'more Marshmallow

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A Bundle Of Three Ladybug Bras!

The Absolute Best First Bra(s) Ever Created For Girls. Modern lines make a clean and simple design. Smooth, cozy, super soft cotton that is the perfect step into the world of wearing bras. We use an extra thick cotton fabric–of a quality that is unmatched in the industry–to provide even more comfort, coverage and  support for your daughter.

No Padding Needed, Ever! Every Yellowberry Bra is double layered with high-quality fabric to ensure full coverage and support, always.

Perfect For girls who are looking for their first bra. Plus, any girl who would like a fantastic, simple cotton bra will love the Ladybug.

Different From the similar Pipit style because of the thickness and weight of the fabric. The Pipit is made from a lighter Pima Cotton, whereas the Ladybug is in a heavier Cotton/Spandex blend. Choose the Ladybug if your daughter wants the best possible coverage for her first bra.

  • Cotton Spandex Blend
  • Adjustable and Convertible Straps
  • Machine wash and dry (to make everyone's life easier)

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Customer Reviews

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Well made product that my daughter actually wears

My daughter had started wearing camis underneath her shirts daily but every time I broached the subject of training bras she would not want to talk about it. We would see training bras in clothing stores that she would look at then move on to another section of the store. I showed her the Yellowberry website, she picked a style and color that she liked. When the bras arrived I washed them and put them in her drawer. All of a sudden she started wearing them. She says they are super comfortable and just asked me to order more. Thank you!



Marshmallow Starter Kit

My daughter was hesitant to start wearing a privacy layer- the softness and great coverage of the Marshmellow won her over. She is also a fan of the Pipit but believes the Mallow gives her more coverage.
Would (and have) been recommending to others to give it a try!

Gimme S'More Marshmallow Starter Pack

Thank you for making a first bra such a painless experience for my daughter. She loves the starter pack of Ladybug bras and had zero issues with them. The fit and function are great, and I really appreciate the machine wash and dry features. Such a difference from my own first bra shopping trip!


Excellent quality and comfort for my daughter. Size a little too big but very happy with purchase - ordering a smaller size

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