Seek and find a hug when you need one.

Meet Megan
Yellowberry's Founder & CEO

Take Girls Seriously
Our ideas are valid, our actions are true, and our capabilities should never be underestimated.

Our Photography
Whenever we photograph our products on one of our Berries, it is shown from the back.

Our Mantras
Each statement reminds our Berries to take the time to enjoy, explore, and change the world around her!

Basics Collection

Megan’s dream when she started Yellowberry at 17-years-old was to put a bra in every girl’s hands. As Yellowberry has grown, we have worked incredibly hard to maintain quality while now introducing a line of products at a price point that is more accessible. Ultimately, that's why we are here: To give every girl we possibly can the most exceptional experience, supporting her as she grows up at her own pace. The

Yellowberry Basic Products are the go-to, top drawer essentials. The easy, comfortable, quality products your daughter will reach for every morning. They will wash over and over again, never stretch, never fade, and keep up with your daughter no matter where she goes. Easy colors, incredible comfort, simple care, great price point.