June 26, 2017

Hi Girls!
Congratulations to this week's Fearless Girl contest winner! Zoie was diagnosed with alopecia last year. Her hair started falling out in clumps, and lost almost all of her long, gorgeous blonde hair. She tried to hide it with hats and headbands, and even got her a wig for back to school last fall. However, she decided she was going to just tell everyone what she had and be open about it.
She got in front of her class and informed them all about her alopecia, and that she wasn't contagious or sick, but it was just an autoimmune disease where her body was attacking her hair follicles. She then decided she was going to cut the rest of her hair off and donate it to other kids who struggle with hair loss! She donated the rest of her hair to Children With Hair Loss since they were so wonderful in sending her a free wig for school. Now she still loses in spots, and has spots that hasn't come back. But she rocks her short hair and doesn't try to hide it anymore. She's such a fighter and an inspiration!
Zoie is an amazing defender at soccer (even plays up two divisions!), loves science and experiments, is extremely artistic and crafty, loves helping in the kitchen and is on the honor roll in school. She is a helper and a leader, and was chosen as her class representative for Student Council. She is an amazing kid with a huge heart!
XO, Megan

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