Yellowberry's Meadow Collection

June 15, 2017

Hi Girls, 

All of us at Yellowberry are excited to announce our new Meadow Collection! The collection features ultra-soft cotton and colors of a meadow! The soft, double layered pillowy cotton offers support, coverage and fresh designs to make every bra and camisole feel as soft as your favorite tee and fit like a hug! 

The collections contains three bras including the Aspen, Tuli, and Lola in a variety of colors found in a fresh flowery meadow, such as Snowflake (white), Huckleberry (purple), Blue Jay (turquoise), and Raindrop (light blue). For all of those girls who aren’t quite ready for a bra, a camisole is the way to go! The Pearl Camisole can be found in Huckleberry (purple), Kit (nude), Snowflake (white), and Sunshine (Yellow). For girls who need a bit more coverage, Yellowberry has it all! The Shell Camisole is the perfect shirt to throw on and start your day! The Shell Camisole comes in Blue Jay (turquoise), Huckleberry (purple), Raindrop (light blue), and Snowflake (white!)

A warm summer meadows, bright with color, reminds us of the importance of being young and carefree. Let’s let girls be girls with Yellowberry's new Meadow Collection!

XO, Megan 



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