June 19, 2017

Hi Girls!

Yellowberry's Meadow Collection contains three new bras including the Lola, Aspen, and Tuli! It's undeniable that the Lola is Yellowberry's most innovative and creative bra! One of my favorite features of the Lola is the small triangle cutout that adds character and style! Further, the Lola will end the pain of having to adjust your straps from behind! The Lola allows girls to turn their traditional bra into a crossed back by adjusting the straps from the front, rather than the back!

The Lola also brings a fresh look with its innovative design and versatility through its back clasp (shaped as a berry of course!)   The Lola bra is an excellent bra for all size Berries, especially for our more developed girls! You can find the Lola in Snowflake, Raindrop, and Huckleberry!

XO, Megan

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