April 18, 2017

December 28, 2015

Be Scrappy. I think we repeat those words around our office and within our team every single day. As a start-up company that is growing, especially one that has to carry inventory, moving forward with anything but a scrappy mentality would be impossible. It is our company culture to do more with less, and to make it the best it can be… Whatever that “it” is.

We make decisions each day that will affect Yellowberry on a small and large scale, and those decisions are made with two things in mind: 1. How can we, as a small hungry team, do it ourselves? and 2. How can we, as a small hungry team, do it better than a bigger company?

The answers we come to are never ever a list of reasons we are unable to accomplish something. Rather, it becomes a united group of hard-working women who problem-solve ways to figure out a solution. Whether it is product related, packaging, creating a catalog or producing a video series (stay tuned!) there is nothing you cannot do as a small, scrappy team.

When you and your team are driven, passionate about your brand and the story you want to tell, you all will find a way to execute your plans.

When you accept nothing less than to find a way to succeed, then you will. Simple as that.

xo, Megan



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