April 18, 2017

August 16, 2016

Hi Everyone!!! Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes!! I wanted to celebrate with all of you by sharing a few pieces of wisdom that I have learned as the young CEO of my company over the past few years. It is a list of 21 lessons I wish I would have known four years ago as a high school girl with a big idea.

  1. An idea is amazing but it doesn’t mean anything until you do something to make it real.
  2. Do not ever be intimidated because you feel that you don’t know how or where to begin.
  3. No one really does when they start their first company.
  4. There is no path to follow, you’re making your own.
  5. Your friends may not understand what you’re trying to do. In fact, most won’t. That’s ok.
  6. As a young founder, you will have to prove that you are serious about your idea. More than a few times.
  7. Finding mentors to have as sounding boards is helpful in more ways I can count.
  8. Be prepared to give-up your weekends and time outside of school.
  9. To start a company means spending almost all of your time working on that, so you better be pretty much obsessed with your idea.
  10. You have to build your own credibility. You do that by following-up and following through.
  11. It’s great to know the things you can do well.
  12. But, it’s as important to know what you don’t do well so that you can hire team members to fill those gaps.
  13. Hire smart people that inspire you.
  14. Don’t hire your friends.
  15. You have one, big-picture goal, so stay laser-focused on making that happen. Before big decisions, sleep on it.
  16. Some things feel like the end of the world. It’s not.
  17. Starting your own company is so much more challenging and difficult than I ever imagined, so be ready to work harder than you thought you could.
  18. Take a breath, you will always figure it out.
  19. Being a founder will feel overwhelming at times. Often even.
  20. But, being a founder also brings more joy, satisfaction, and happiness than anything I’ve ever done in my life.
  21. Lastly and most importantly: You can do this. As a young girl with no prior start-up experience, you are 100% capable of starting your own business so do not ever let anyone tell you differently. You can do this too.

I wouldn’t be where I am now without all of YOU in the Yellowberry community! Please know that from the bottom of my now 21-year-old heart, I am eternally grateful for all of your support, kind words and unwavering belief in our mission to celebrate girls.

xo, Megan

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