Lex's Fearless Girl Story - Yellowberry

June 20, 2017

Hi Girls!
Congratulations to our first Fearless Girl contest winner! Lex was adopted and faces the emotional struggle of many unanswered questions. Aside from her own internal dilemmas and questions, Lex also faces bullying at school because some peers call her "weird" for being adopted. Some days are worse than others for her. That said, Lex's struggle has taught her how to stand up for herself and not let others define her.
When she was five years old, Lex found a passion for ice hockey and has been playing it ever since. In a sport dominated by boys she has held her own and proven herself as a valuable player and worthy opponent on the ice. Even when her own teammates doubt her, she never gives up! Although she may be the only girl in the locker room, Lex has no problem embracing who she is and letting her true-self shine! 
XO, Megan

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