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July 22, 2019

Hi there, it's Megan, the Founder and CEO of Yellowberry. I could not be more excited to share the launch of the Wish Bra.

This is a pivotal product for Yellowberry. When I started this company six years ago, it was with simple, cotton, everyday basics. Slowly as we grew, Yellowberry introduced seamless, sport, hybrid and a multitude of additional styles and fabrications.

But. What my growing team and I heard heard over and over (and over) again, was the need to find a bra for more developed girls. As girls grew up with our brand, they would size out of our products, or no longer be able to find the everyday bras and styles they needed to continue being a Yellowberry Girl.

Now, we’ve introduced the Wish Bra. The first of many more to come designed specifically for more developed girls.

Current options for these styles for the young, growing girls feature molded cups, scratchy lace, itchy fabrics, and/or oversexualized styling and designs. And, on top of that there is a massive lack of quality.

When girls wear bras, we’re worried about how it fits and how it feels, not how it looks to someone else. This means:

  • No rubbing under your arms
  • No cutting into your skin
  • No digging straps, PLEASE

When moms buy the bra, they’re worried about h ow it makes their daughter feel. She should be confident, hold her head and shoulders high, and be comfortable and supported always. Bra shopping in many stores can be uncomfortable, but it doesn't always have to be.

Our Solution? THE WISH BRA
Our Wish Bra gives supportive definition with soft, shearing fabric to provide room to grow. This style features an elastic waisted band, a lovely u-shaped back and adjustable straps that are also convertible. The inset in the front design gives extra coverage, while maintaining great support. The Wish Bra is made for growing and developing girls with a sophisticated, contemporary design. For products close to the skin, a soft, brushed fabric is necessary. In fact, bra is made of the most luxuriously soft fabric we've ever touched. It's creamy, it’s breathable, it’s smooth, and it will look and fit exactly the same after you wash it 100 times.

We went through 37 prototypes in girls across the country

  • Countless fabrics trials
  • Fit testing
  • Wear-testing
  • Wash-testing
  • We STRUGGLED to find both mom and girl approval.. Until we reached the final product.

This is the ~bra for the next century~! I could not be more excited to finally share it with you all today. Take a look, I know you're going to love it as much as I do.

xo, Megan

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